YouTube Adds Online Video Editing

Good news for anyone  who uses YouTube to share their videos, editing your film just got easier with the introduction of the YouTube Online Editor, a video editing tool built right into YouTube. The new YouTube Online Editor is now live and will let you perform many simple video editing steps that will help you transform your raw footage into something more captivating and enjoyable.

The YouTube Editor will allow you to:

  • Combine multiple videos you’ve uploaded to create a new longer video
  • Trim the beginning and/or ending of your videos
  • Add soundtracks from our AudioSwap library of tens of thousands of songs
  • Create new videos without worrying about file formats and publish them to YouTube with one click — no upload necessary

The YouTube Online Editor doesn’t need to be installed on your computer, it simply works with the content you have uploaded to YouTube. This won’t provide the same features as many offline prosumer and professional packages but it will make it easier to cut video down to the best of the best and allow you to express your creativity. To use the YoutTube Editor, visit

Here’s a video explaining how the YouTube Video Editor works and what you can do with it.