Microsoft Office 2010: Roundup of What’s Inside

It’s available for order today and you can get it without any difficulties. It is likely that a huge number will be soldimage and it will change the way people do business, not as a significant office revolution but instead as a much needed evolution in digital communications. If it weren’t for the title, you might think that I’m talking about the new Apple iPhone. But there is one thing that is false if it was describing Apple’s release. You will have great difficulties in ordering an iPhone today. You can however order and download Microsoft Office 2010 today or pick it up from computer software resellers both on and off line.

We have already covered this previously with a number of articles highlighting the new update. Here are those posts, if you want read up on it before going out to buy it or download it today.

If you want to learn more about the new office suite, check out one of the best sites for all things Microsoft the Windows SuperSite by Paul Thurrott. He has a very in depth review of the suite along with screen shots and great tips.

One of the primary differences between this and past versions is the delivery method. Microsoft will still be selling it as a boxed disc and through OEMs. But most people who buy it will actually download it from Microsoft either after purchasing it from them or when they buy it at the store and are given a code to enter into their web site.

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