Netflix for iPhone

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings made an appearance at WWDC to announce the new Netflix app for the iPhone. Now you can start and stop movies from any device, meaning you can start the movie on your iPhone and pick it up on your iPad at the same spot.

With the new data plans for the iPhone, streaming may be an issue. Since there is no longer an unlimited data plan, you really need to pay attention to how much you stream, especially if you are on the 200MB plan.

Here is a video of Netflix for iPhone being announced at WWDC.

New iPhone subscribers will be limited to 2GB of bandwidth per month. Those who go over 2GB per month will be charged $10 per GB. Streaming video is one of the most bandwidth intensive tasks for mobile devices. Current iPhone subscribers who do not change their AT&T contracts will be able to keep their $30 per month unlimited data plans. More details about AT&T’s data plans can be found here.

Pics of Netflix for iPhone via GDGT and Ars Technica

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