MSI “Sketchbook” prototype unveiled

At a pre-Computex 2010 event, MSI unveiled its new “Sketchbook” prototype to attendees. The MSI Sketchbook is a lightweight, ultra portable notebook with a few unique design elements that may surprise notebook users.

The first is a keyboard that can swivel around to reveal multi-function input tablet.  The tablet will feature multiple levels of pressure sensitivity for handwriting recognition and artistic endeavors.

Instead of the traditional position under the keyboard, the touchpad is located in the upper right hand corner of the keyboard deck.  It is circular instead of rectangular, like on most notebooks. MSI’s  idea is to make it easy to operate the notebook when holding it on one hand.  It will also stop users from accidently moving their cursors while typing.

MSI is not releasing any technical specifications on the device at this time.

via Notebook Review

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