Will Next iPhone Ship in June?

While still unconfirmed, most observers agree that the next iPhone will likely be announced at WWDC which starts June 7th. But could it also be on sale that soon?

According to a report at Planet-iPhones, 4.5 million of the next generation iPhones will ship in the first 15 days of June with another 19.5 million following up in the next several months, for a total of 24 millions shipping by the end of the year. Planet-iPhones is getting their info from Digitimes who is getting it from sources inside Taiwan-based component makers.”

Other details in the report say that the iPhone will have a 960×640 resolution display with IPS or in-plane switching. IPS gives better viewing angles and color reproduction. The iPhone 4.0 is also rumored to have FFS or fringe-field switching technology, which makes it easier to view in sunlight. These panels will come from two sources: LG Display and Prime View International.

One of the drawbacks of these display technologies is battery life. To counter this Apple has designed the displays to be only two-thirds as thick as present gen iPhone’s display, so that more battery can fit in the case. The batteries will come from Simplo Technology and Dynapack International Technology.

The source at Digitimes says these two display technologies will help make the iPhone a much better eBook reader which comes as no surprise since the iPhone OS 4.0 will include the iBooks app already found on the iPad.

The processor for the new iPhone is rumored to be an ARM Cortext A8 processor which will be paired with 512 MB of Samsung memory and brings the memory of the iPhone to twice what the 3GS has. This is of course necessary with multitasking on the way in 4.0.

It will be interesting to see how accurate these reports are. If they are, it could signal deterioration in Apple’s vaunted secrecy and privacy regarding new device launches. There has always been speculation about new Apple gadgets and computers. But there seems to be a higher percentage of credible information coming out this year thanks in part to the found iPhone” reported at Gizmodo and the Vietnamese revelations of the past couple of weeks.

Is Apple losing its control over the various parties involved in designing, testing and manufacturing their equipment?

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