Intel App Up goes Open Source with Moblin

It seems Intel is always in the news.  Ever since their launch of the new Intel Core processor line, its been one new development after another.

One of their largest projects this year is the Intel App Up program, a way for developers to get their applications out to the public, using Intel’s App Up storefront, which is similar to the Apple App Store.  Intel has been pushing the App Up program with contests and lots of press.

The applications developed for App Up have only been for Microsoft Windows, which was puzzling considering Intel’s partnership with Nokia on the new Meego operating system.  That is, until now.

Intel has just introduced Intel App Up for Moblin, the Linux open source operating system.

From the Intel press announcement:

Intel AppUp Center Adds Open Source Apps, Expands to Europe

Intel today introduced Intel AppUpSM Center Beta for Moblin v2.1-based netbooks in the U.S. and Canada. Intel AppUp Center offers a wide range of applications, spanning games, entertainment and social media apps that are optimized for the netbook’s mobility and screen size. Additionally, Intel announced the Intel AppUp Center Beta for Windows and Moblin v2.1 will become available in 27 European countries on March 31.

The expansion into Europe gives application developers in theIntel® Atomâ„¢ Developer Program an opportunity to reach consumers in one of the top markets for netbooks worldwide and complete transactions in USD, Euros or GBP.

Future updates to the Intel AppUp Center will support the MeeGo software platform and smartphones, consumer electronics and additional devices.

Lets hope this continued push by Intel to get all of the operating systems under their App Up program will continue to grow and get developers the notice and recognition they deserve.

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