Intel Atom Developer Program launches Million Dollar Development Fund

Picture 2The folks at the Intel Atom Developer Program are at once again. Ever since their announcement at CES of the new Intel App Up program, Intel has been going full bore on their promise to help developers get visibility into the netbook arena.  Intel wants the netbook market to flourish and applications for netbooks to grow along with it.

Today, Intel has announced their new Intel Atom Developer Program Million Dollar Developement Fund.  Why do something like this?  According to Intel Atom Developer Program spokesperson, Maryann Iannitti, “Intel has seen great interest in the Intel® Atomâ„¢ Developer Program and the Intel AppUpCenter.  Developers are interested in quick time to revenue and in promoting their applications.  Intel is also focused on driving new uses and applications for the netbook platform.  This development fund will drive such efforts.”

The first two initiatives for the fund are Fast Track 2010 and Download 2010. Fast Track gives qualified developers $500 for their applications.  However, you have to be one of the first 250 applications submitted and validated by Intel.  Download 2010 gives 100 developers an extra few dollars for every application download.  Its a great way to give developers an extra incentive to succeed.

For the Intel Atom Developer Program, the applications developed for these programs are for the Windows platform only at this time.  Intel may be releasing information on the MeeGo initiative and Linux platform later this year.  Also, these new programs are for both free and paid applications within the Intel App Up stores.

For more information, here is the full press release:

On Monday, Intel will announce a new innovation acceleration program for developers: the Intel® Atomâ„¢ Developer Program Million Dollar Development Fund.

The goal of the fund is to help accelerate innovation of software applications for Intel® Atomâ„¢ processor-based products, starting with netbooks and eventually supporting a variety of consumer electronics, including smartphones. With the netbook market segment set to grow from 35 million in 2009 to 139 million in 2013*, this new fund is designed to open up new opportunities for developers and independent software companies worldwide.

The Intel Atom Developer Program Million Dollar Development Fund represents Intel’s global commitment to support innovation by developers and software companies. The fund will be available to individual and student developers, as well as small, medium and large software companies to support the creation of new compelling applications and netbook user experiences. Hardware and financial aid also will be available to developers with the objective of reducing barrier to entry for new application development and accelerating time to market.

The first two elements of the development fund are available now with more to be announced over the coming months.

Fast Track 2010: Developers want quick revenue and increased visibility. For 250 selected validated applications submitted between March 1-31, 2010, the developer or software company will receive $500. Talk about fast revenue!

Download 2010: Revenue from one download is nice, but how about maximizing it? For 100 selected validated applications submitted between March 1-31, 2010, Intel will add to a developer or software company’s revenue on the Intel AppUp Center for 4 months (even for free apps).

For additional details on how to participate and earn additional revenue for your applications, go to