HP Envy 13 Notebooks Aid IndyCar Race Team

IndyCar racing is truly a team sport despite the driver being the only one in the spotlight. I got a chance to meet IndyCar race team owner and driver, who explained exactly how much teamwork and technology is required to stay competitive on the race circuit.  Gil de Ferran, the  president and managing partner of Luczo Dragon Racing, and driver Davey Hamilton explained how the team relies on a number of hi-tech tools, including mobile workstations and HP Envy 13 notebooks.

The team’s car races at speeds of up to 220 mph. With the car traveling the length of a football field every second, it’s incredibly important for the crew and driver to understand exactly what’s happening in real time. During races, crew members gather around a car with several HP Envy 13 notebooks and external displays. They can see exactly what’s going on with the car so they can advise the driver to make adjustments and figure out what to tweak on his next pit stop.

I met up with de Ferran and Hamilton in Los Angeles yesterday and got the rundown on exactly how important PCs are to their team. IMG_1472


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