How to Change UAC Notification Options in Windows 7

Microsoft has really improved teh User Account Control pop option in Window 7. In Windows 7 changing UAC setting is very easy and it is less annoying than vista. If you are annoyed with User Account Control (UAC) pop ups, you can quickly change the UAC settings in Windows 7 with this tutorial.

Before making changes to UAC setting please note that the purpose of UAC is to inform the user a system-level change request is made. It pops up a dialog box for user’s permission to continue or stop the changes to help block adware and malicious software from being installed in your computer without your knowledge.

Steps to change User Account Control (UAC) setting:

Step 1: Go to start menu or Window menu and selected Change UAC settings under Getting Started menu.


Step 2: You will get the below screen which will show the default setting for UAC. By default UAC is set to notify you only when programs try to make changes to your computer.


Step3: If you want less security you can change the settings to notify you only when programs try to make changes to your computer without dimming your desktop. This setting is useful when you visit only familiar sites all the time and don’t install new applications often.


Step4: If you want you can turn off UAC completely. UAC will no longer bother you with any pop up for asking your permission. Please note that users other than the administrator won’t be able to modify any settings with this and no users will get any UAC popup warnings. This setting is not recommended if you spent lot of time on internet.


Step5: If another user (not administrator) who wants to run any program or change any setting then they need to run the action or program as administrator. They can do this by right clicking on application and selecting run as administrator.


Step 6: You can also change UAC settings to always notify you when

  • Any programs try to install in your PC
  • Any program try to make changes to your computer
  • You try to make changes to window settings.

This setting is recommended and useful if you install new software very often and  visit lot of unfamiliar site.


Another way to change UAC setting you can see in this video.

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