CES- Last Gadget Standing

votepostThere is an event here at CES that has been done for the last nine years called Last Gadget Standing.  Its sponsored by NetShelter Technology Media. Its the last BIG session that is done.  Its where some of the vendors can blow off some steam, let their hair down and show geeks can have a sense of humor too.

The idea of the session is that there are 10 nominations for products seen around CES.  The products are nominated by prominent bloggers/news sites.  Each product goes on stage with the products vendor rep and the writer who nominated them. Its their job to get the audience excited about their product.  They do this through skits, cosplay and down right silliness.  Lets put it this way…Dr Evil showed up at one point and there was a lightsaber battle.  Yeah, its craziness.

At the end of all the presentations, the audience gets to vote for their favorite by who gets the biggest applause, hence the outrageous skits.

This year’s nominees were:

  • Neato Robotics XV-11
  • Acer Aspire 5738D
  • Que ProReader
  • Haier Trainer
  • D-Ultra (from NVidia)
  • Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer
  • Intel Reader
  • ShowWX pico projector
  • Motorola DROID
  • Boxee Box

The winner was the Boxee Box!  Why not, its a great gadget for watching streaming movies, tv shows, etc as well as do all the things we love on the internet!  I loved the DROID and the Intel Reader myself.

There was also an online vote and that winner was the Showwx pico projector.  I want a recount on that one.

This event is just another way for the audience to see, here, and watch demos of new and fun products..and destress away from the chaos that is CES.

I cant wait to see what next year’s contest brings.  Maybe an Avatar air batter sim??

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