CES: Intel shows off 3D Content Around Your Life

Intel kicked off their keynote by showing how 3D Will change how we watch and interact with our media.

First they showed an Avatar clip that is familiar to anyone who has seen the movie and then moves into a U2 concert in 3D which frankly brought Bono’s hand a bit too close to my face for comfort!IMG_0997

Intel then showed off 3D boxing which looked really cool,; much more interesting than a 2D boxing match. From there they demoed Dirt 2 in 3D which again looked really cool and made me want a 3D display in my house TODAY.

The 3D demonstration finished with a clip of How to Train Your Dragon in 3D.

This will be very important with double the number of 3D movies coming out in 2010 than they were released in 2009.

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