CES: Netgear’s Stora- storage for the masses

Netgear StoraThese days, its not uncommon to have people with anywhere from 100GB to 1TB of storage for their computers.  We have photos, and music, and videos and everything else in between…all vying for space on our hard drives.  We also want to share all of this content with friends, loved ones, or just Facebook and Twitter folks. Network attached storage has always been the domain of businesses…but not anymore.  Netgear wants to bring this technology to the masses.

Here at CES, Netgear wants to help consumers meet these new storage needs.  At their press conference today, Netgear announced a new product that falls into line with their “Anytime, Anywhere, Any Media, Any Screen” initiative.  It is their new Netgear Stora.

According to Drew Meyer, head of Netgear’s Network Storage Group, its “the ABCs of storage- Access, Backup and Centralized.”

The Stora is a network attached storage device that can hold up to 2TB of data, depending on which model.

Here is a quick spec:

  • It has two SATA hard drive drive bays in which consumers can fill.
  • Works with Windows, Apple, Linux
  • USB 2.0
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Requires broadband connection for content sharing/streaming

To use the Stora, simply log in with a web browser (supports IE, Firefox, Safari –no Chrome yet).  Or, you can log into the device via a smartphone.  At the demo here, two attendees used an iPhone and a Blackberry.  Also, it doesnt matter if you are on Wifi or a 3G network.  All that matters is some kind of Internet connectivity. The set up took only 5 minutes.

Once you are logged in, you have access to all of the content on the Stora via the Iris interface.  You can share out folders and albums with other people you choose.  You can link it to Facebook and twitter.  You can also link it to RSS feeds.  All that is required is access to the device..its that simple.

So what would you do with 2TB of online storage?  Time to load up those YouTube videos and share them with all your friends…

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