My first day at CES- first impressions

ces_logoHello, my name is Amy and I am a CES newbie. I have never been fortunate enough to make it out to CES for one reason or another.  I usually was a supporting person back at home doing things like making sure the servers are working, coordinating schedules, or just drooling over the new technology released.

Well, this time I am here on the front lines and all I can say is WOW.

Here are some quick thoughts after my first day–

On Vegas itself:

  • The time zone change from EST to PST can mess with your time orientation.
  • Its weird not being near water (I live in Florida on a lake).
  • The Las Vegas strip is just what it looks like on all those ads and tv shows, even CSI.
  • Vegas really doesnt sleep.  And the people are wild.
  • You can walk everywhere, if you wear REALLY good shoes and have a map.

On CES- unofficial day one:

  • Yes, even professionals can mess up a registration form.
  • No matter what network you are on (AT&T, T-Mobile, etc) your coverage is going to be challenging.  Calls will be dropped.  I recommend texting.
  • You will know within 1-2 hours if you brought everything you need..and more than likely will have to go buy something.
  • Bringing the right bag is essential to carry everything, or else your shoulders will pay a price.
  • <fangirl> Its soooo cool to run into fellow news people and bloggers whose work you have read for years and years (Like Matt Miller (aka palmsolo) and Kevin Tofel.) </fangirl>

I can’t wait until the show gets fully underway to see what happens next.

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