Exclusive Cashback Program for Students


College students with a .edu e-mail address can enjoy some extra savings on their holiday shopping this season! Edhance, a student discount platform, lets students who register for an account get cashback on purchases from select retailers.

Though the cashback program has a focus on local stores, there’s a large number of online shopping websites which have partnered with Edhance. There are even some sellers which have avoided other cashback program’s like Microsoft’s Bing Cashback! Some discounts that stick out are savings of up to 25% off purchases at ToshibaDirect and cashback from the Apple Store! You can check out the full list of deals here.

The program is relatively new but has a lot of promise. You can sign up for a free account using your .edu e-mail address. Apparently, students without a .edu account can still sign up but there’s some extra verification involved. When you make an account, you’ll be required to provide a credit card to help track your purchases. Cashback you earn will be issued to the credit card you added once you have earned $25.

If you’re a student looking to upgrade to the new Windows 7 operating system, check out our write-up on Microsoft’s $29.99 student pricing. Don’t all these savings make you want to go back to college?