12 Free Months of McAfee Internet Security for Bank of America Customers


Bank of America customers can score a free 12 month subscription to McAfee Internet Security if they enroll in online banking. This promotion has been available for a while and is shown directly on Bank of America’s main page.

You can access the offer by clicking the photo below. Once you log in, confirm your site key, and enter your password, you’ll be redirected to a McAfee site where you can register for an account and download the software!


Only one thing to bear in mind- the free subscription includes an automatic renewal at the end of the 12 month free period. As long as you cancel before your 12 months are up, you won’t be charged. Just set up a reminder to call McAfee Customer Support at 1.866.622.3911 prior to the expiration of the free offer.

Though the $69.99 value is a bit of an exaggeration as the software is usually available for around $20, it’s a nice bonus that require practically no work on your part! If you’re on the market for other security software, check out our collection of tips on antivirus programs!

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