SurfShelf: From Treadmill to Treadputer in $40

One of the most frequent problems that plagues heavy computer users like office dwellers and bloggers is that time spent in front of the computer is for the most part motionless. One solution to the problem of stationary computing is to combine a treadmill and a notebook to make what is commonly referred to as a treadputer.

Treadputers aren’t new but up until now if you wanted to be able to work while you work out you had to fit a treadmill around a desk, break out brackets and shop skills or attempt a dangerous balancing act but no more. Now, thanks to the SurfShelf Treadmill Stand for Laptops $40 will transform any treadmill into a treadputer.


Gizmodo put the SurfShelf to the test on an actual treadmill and called it “Brilliant”. In use they found that the SurfShelf, which can hold up to 55 pounds, provided a “straightforward” and “stable” means of treadputing.


After reading the review and checking out the images of the SurfShelf in use it’s easy to understand why Gizmodo loves it. I really like the idea that you can add and remove the SurfShelf easily to an existing treadmill which is great for those of us who share a treadmill with a spouse or other apartment dwellers. While I’d likely garner some odd looks if I lugged this over to the fitness center at our apartment complex, being able to write and burn calories at the same time would be incredible.

Whether your tweeting, blogging, working or just catching up on Lost reruns via Hulu the SurfShelf looks like a convenient and cheap way to get in shape while doing it.

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