Toshiba Mobile 14-Inch Display

In addition to the trio of business-class laptops that were announced by Toshiba yesterday under the Tecra and Portege brands, Toshiba also demonstrated a recen...

Plextor Portable Blu-Ray Drive

Plextor has just released a portable USB powered Blu-Ray drive. The Plextor PX-B120U is currently available in the United States for $99.99. Though many othe...

Dell Studio 14z Review: What’s Great? What’s Missing?

For the last few weeks I've had the opportunity to use the Dell Studio 14z laptop while I test out Phoenix Technologies new Laptop location technology service called FailSafe. The Dell Studio 14z is one of the most portable full size Dell laptop's to hit the market and starts at $699. The Studio 14z ditches the optical drive to cut the weight down to 4.3 pounds and when combined with the slim design makes for an attractive packaged 14" laptop. You can get the 14z in Black Chainlink, Ruby Red, Midnight Blue, Spring Green and Plum Purple. Overall the Studio 14z is a good laptop with a few quirks but in the end the extras make up for most of the shortcomings.

SurfShelf: From Treadmill to Treadputer in $40

One of the most frequent problems that plagues heavy computer users like office dwellers and bloggers is that time spent in front of the computer is for the most part motionless. One solution to the problem of stationary computing is to combine a treadmill and a notebook to make what is commonly referred to as a treadputer.
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Fujutsu ScanSnap S300 Demo (video)

Fujitsu SnapScan S300We took a look at the Fujitsu SnapScan S300 mobile scanner at CES 2008. This USB-powered scanner scans both sides of your documents in a single pass at up to eight pages per minute when plugged in and four pages per minute when running on USB power.