Lenovo IdeaPad U350: Good Looks, Light and Affordable

Lenovo introduced the thin and light IdeaPad U350 today This notebook features a 13.3″ display, measures less than an inch thick and weighs just 3.5 pounds. The IdeaPad U350 will be available starting in July for $649, which is pretty affordable compared to other good looking notebooks this size.

Lenovo acheives this low price point by ultilizing Intel’s new Consumer Ultra-Low Volutage processors, which are battery efficient and more affordable than Intel’s ULV line which are usually found in high-end business notebooks. Lenovo will offer three processor choices at laucnh. The Intel Core 2 Solo SU3500 (1.4G, 800 MHz, 3 MB), Intel Pentium SU2700 (1.3G, 800 MHz, 2 MB), and Intel Celeron 723 (1.2G, 800 MHz, 1MB) processors.

A range of 5400RPM hard drives will be offered with capacities of up to 500GB. The IdeaPad U350 can be loaded with up to 8GB of RAM.

The IdeaPad U350 comes standard with a four-cell battery that can last for up to five hours. An optional eight-cell battery that can keep it running for up to 10 hours.

The IdeaPad U350’s display has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This notebook has  an HDMI port and VGA port so you can ouput to external monitors and HDTVs.


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