Toshiba Launches Dynabook SS-RX2: First Notebook w/512GB SSD

Toshiba’s introduced the first notebook with a 512GB solid state drive today. The 12.1″ Dynabook SS-RX2 weighs in at just over two pounds and measures just 25mm thick.

The Durabook SS-RX2 features a transflective LCD, which allows sunlight to pass through and illuminate it. This means the display’s backlight can be turned off to conserve power when you’re outdoors.

This business-grade ultraportable will cost about $4,000 at launch and will only be available in Japan. It will ship with an ulrtra- low-voltage Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Windows Vista Business and an optional docking solution.The Dynabook SS-RX2’s is rated to handle spills of up to 100cc and drops from 75cm on all edges.


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