Mini 1000 TV Commercial: Do People Understand Netbooks?

HP started running a Mini 1000 TV commercial that shows how someone on the go might use a netbook.  While I love using the Mini 1000, it has its limitations and isn’t the best choice for multimedia. Thankfully, HP kept all the Multimedia bling that’s normally packed in its TV commercials out of this one.

The device is great for chatting, blogging and participating in social networks thanks to its generously-sized keys.

I don’t think the average consumer understands the limits of netbooks. Just this morning, a reader asked me what I thought about buying her husband a Mini 1000 prior to his deployment to Afghanistan. She said he needed a computer that could handle a lot of streaming video and multimedia. I had to explain to her that the Mini 1000 probably isn’t the best choice for him.

I think HP and other OEMs need to be very cautious with the marketing of current generation netbooks so consumers tryly understand what they’re getting.

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