Could the Appetite for Netbooks Curb PC Innovation?

n503719626_209210_9701-1I have been Twittering lately and watching the posts go by on Netbooks. Amazing how many people are excited about these products, because believe it or not the original intent of the Netbook is far from the current landscape. On top of the Twitters, I get many emails and Facebook messages, comments, etc on whether or not Voodoo will ever launch a Netbook.

Needless to say we’re in a very unique time in the market.

Check out this article and feel free to comment and let me know if a Voodoo Netbook would be of interest to you.

Rahul Sood is the founder of luxury computer designer VoodooPC which was established in 1991 and acquired by HP in 2006. He is a serial entrepreneur, dedicated cyclist, family man, and a car & life enthusiast. You can follow Rahul on Twitter and read his blog at He is CTO of the the Voodoo brand at HP.

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