HP Lowers Mini 1000 Prices, Now Starting at $359

HP’s lowered its pricing on the Mini 1000 series of netbooks, which now have a starting price of $359 at the HP Home & Home Ofice store. As early as last week the Mini 1000 had a starting price of $399.

For $409 you can now configure the HP Mini with a 10.2-inch display , 1GB of RAM and 8GB of flash memory.

For $464.99 you can get a similar configuration, but with the 60GB hard drive instead of the flash memory.

The $359 price point is something I wasn’t expecting to see until after the holidays, when HP plans to release the HP Mini 1000 with a Linux operating system. Assuming pricing holds steady, the HP Mini 1000 with Linux should be around $329.

HP Mini 1000 price

Visit HP.com for more info and pricing.

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