HP Mini 1000 Mobile Internet Experience Video Demo

HP’s built an interface called Mobile Internet Experience (MIE) for the Mini 1000. MIE is designed to make it easy for people to do the most common Internet-related tasks on the Mini 1000 and make it possible for them to use Linux without having to actually learn a thing about Linux.

HP’s Kevin Wentzel showed me the ins and outs of the Mini 1000’s Mobile Internet Experience. Unfortunately you won’t be able to buy a Mini 1000 loaded with MIE for at least a couple of more months, but I really like the idea of it as long as you are using the Mini 1000 as a companion device.

The Mini 1000 I was playing with was a prototype so it was a little buggy.

For more details on the Mini 1000, check out our original post here: Mini 1000

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