SSD vs HDD Comparison

OQO SSD TestSolid Sate Drives have some obvious advantages over Hard Disk Drives. Rob from GottaBeMobile tested a pair of OQO 02 ultramobiles, one with SSD and one with HDD. He Posted a full video of the comparison on his site.

The SSD equiped OQO2 booted up significantly faster versus the HDD version. Applications on the SSD OQO 02 launched almost instantaneously, while the HDD OQO 02 took several extra seconds to do the same tasks. His battery also lasted almost an extra hour.

The performance advantage of the SSD is clear, but the price tag is just too high for most people. SSD is the best choice for those who don’t mind their relatively small capacities and high price tags. The SSD is well-suited for users who need quick access while on the move.

Rob says he’s willing to pay the extra few hundred bucks for the performance, but is waiting for the 64GB version.

via GottaBeMobile

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