OLPC Laptops Facing Production Delays

OLPCMany of those hoping to get their hands on an OLPC XO laptop by Christmas wil have to wait. The One Laptop Per Child Foundation is having some last minute production bugs and production won’t start until November 12.

The OLPC Foundation had planned to begin production in October in order to get tens of thousands of XO laptops to Peru and Uraguay, and to fulfill orders from its ‘Give-1 Get-1’ program. by the end of this year. The foundation says this will now be difficult to acomplish.

The Give-1 Get-1 program lets anybody order a XO laptop for themselves and donate one to a child in a developing nation. Some customers in the U.S. and Canada will receive their XO laptops by the end of the year, but the foundation recommends ordering early. The program will begin taking orders on November 12.

The OLPC XO laptop is designed specifically for children in developing nations and features many innovations not found on mainstream notebooks.


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