Fidelity Loses Laptop, Nearly 200,000 HP Employees’ Data

A Fidelity Investment notebook was stolen, putting 196,000 current and former HP employees’ names, social security numbers and dates of birth at risk. Someday the financial services industry will learn their lesson and learn that it’s not the best idea to put so much info on portable computers.

If there’s some reason that any single person needs so many financial profiles, companies might want to use some security tools. Hey Fidelity I have an idea, try visiting HP’s data protection site for some tips and tricks. Another tool that may really help is Computrace from Absolute Software which makes it possible to track stolen laptops and delete its contents remotely. Absolute also has a consumer version of their software called LoJack for Laptops.

Who knows, maybe it will turn up on craigslist’s lost and found page.

link (via ZDNET)

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