Vista Delayed to 2007

Gates on XBox 360

Bill Gates and the Vista developers have been rumored to be taking full advantage of Ghost Recon’s multiplayer missions and that’s eaten away at the dev schedule.

I really appreciate that Microsoft worked so hard to get the XBOX out waaayyyyyy before the PS3, but I’d rather have a secure, up to date OS than a game console that I can’t even buy yet. Yes we know that XBOX and Vista are distinct development teams.

And you’ve gotta love all the spin companies are putting on this delay. According to Best Buy and Circuit City spokespeople, consumers don’t buy a lot of PC’s during the holidays and they need more time to train staff on how to sell PC’s with Vista.

Eight months isn’t enough to train salespeople?.. and delaying revenue to the next quarter isn’t a big deal either…even though Balmer said Vista would be in stores by Thanksgiving just last month.

If revisions are going to take so long, maybe Microsoft should just start releasing a new OS each decade, that way consumers won’t be disapointed by delays, developers will have plenty of time to write code and the marketing folks can do away with silly names like Longhorn and Vista, and switch to decade based names. Windows 2010’s, Windows 2020’s, etc. Who wouldn’t buy software that could last for 10 years?

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