Doxie Review: Scan Straight to the Cloud

The Doxie scanner is a small USB powered scanner which like many similar sized scanners can fit nicely in a bag for travel, but unlike most other scanners it is...

Macworld 2009: Eikon Digital Privacy Manager & 1Password (Video)

How many passwords do you use daily logging on and off your computer, your favorite social network, or to pay bills online? Some of us don't have much of an issue with this because our browsers autofill and remember much of that information for us, but is that really safe? What if you lost your notebook or even worse, it was stolen? I may have found a great solution to ease your woes and make you look incredibly cool as you slide you instantly log onto your computer with the swipe of your finger!

Review: B-Flex 2 Hi-Fi Stereo USB Speaker for Laptops

Have you ever used your laptop as a portable media player or hooked it up to a projector for a presentation at the office? If you have, chances are you also strained your ears to listen to the weak sound trickling out from the underpowered speakers. Want an affordable and portable solution? Then try the B-Flex 2 USB speakers from Jlabs.

Review: iTrip Universal by Griffin Technology

I have used a number of of FM radio adapters like the iTrip in the past, but Griffin has done a great job at improving upon previous approaches. The iTrip is not only for iPods. Any device with a 3.5 mm headphone jack will do, including a laptop.
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JLo USB Flash Drive

J-Lo USB Drive Necklace, BRave AlbumThere's really no good excuse for something like this to exist other than for JLo to squeeze a few extra bucks from the one or two fans willing to cough up $70 for it. The USB flash drive is manufactured by Gresso, and includes Brave, JLo's latest album. Those who are 'Brave' enough can wear the JLo drive as a necklace.
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Review: OnAir GT HDTV for Notebooks

Ever since I bought a HDTV LCD, it's been difficult to watch standard-definition programming, and all but impossible to put up with choppy online videos. Enter...
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AlphaGrips Video Demo: VideoGame Controller Like Keybord at 50 WPM

Here are a couple of video demos of AlphaGrips plugged into laptop computers. This thing is like a XBOX controller on steroids and has all the functionality of a full sized keyboard. Wouldn’t it be nice of crackberry’s...
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Western Digital Passport Pocket Drives

Western Digital will start shipping a sleek pocket drive next week. The Passport Pocket’s are slim enough and the USB connectors are flexible enough to allow notebook users to plug in two of the drives at a time- with no...
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Thumb Drives With LCD and Cursor

The Royal EZVueUSB 2.0 flash drive has a scrollable window that displays the names of the files stored on the drive. The company also makes an SD reader with similar functionality and form factor.
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Mission Impossible Flash Drive

Kingston DataTraveler This drive encrypts your data and self destructs after 25 failed password attempts. The Kingston DataTraveler Elite Privacy Edition is t...