How to use Bluetooth Devices in Windows 7

With Windows 7, users are able to enjoy a wide range of software and services. Hardware technologies are another area of the Windows ecosystem that users are ab...

Nokia N9: The Unibody MBP of Smartphones

Recently, new images of the Nokia N9 have surfaced. This time, the images depict a smartphone with an uncanny resemblance to Apple's unibody MacBook Pro. The...

Use to Follow the World Cup

Soccer news website,, could be another resource for you to use to follow the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Containing news headlines, live scores, a ...
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TechVi: Opinions on the $800 Nokia Booklet 3G at BestBuy

Not too long ago Nokia announced a new Netbook that among other things; had a built in 3G modem, 12 hour battery life and an aluminum chassis to top it off. Given the netbook moniker it was surprising to see the price for the Nokia Booklet 3G come in at $800; which is a big jump from traditional netbooks. The latest news is that Best Buy will be selling the Nokia Booklet 3G and Randall Bennett, the host at TechVi, was able to chat with Erica Ogg of CNet and Brad Linder of Liliputing to find out what they think of the Nokia Booklet 3G and its $800 price tag.
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Nokia Expected to Enter Netbook Market

The India Times reports that mobile phone manufacturer Nokia is actively monitoring the netbook market and that it may enter the mobile computing space in the future. Speaking with the Times, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, the Global CEO of Nokia said, "...the PC and the mobile will continue to come closer and merge. A lot of opportunity can be seen in this converged area." While Nokia has made news recently for it's N97 and N97 mini phones (which the company calls mobile computers, Nokia isn't a well known computer manufacturer.
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Nokia’s ‘Future’ iPhone Interface

Nokia iPhone Nokia's busy touting a range of mobile handsets today at the Nokia GoPlay event, but what really caught many people's eyes today is the company's iPhone clone. The interface looks like a blatant ripoff of the iPhone, but details are scarce right now. Check out the video to see what future Nokia handsets may look like.