iPhone 4 Bluetooth Problems?

There are now reports of a problem with the iPhone 4 and Bluetooth sound quality, according to Erica Sadun of The Unofficial Apple Weblog. Sadun posted t...

Compaq CQ627: Notebook for Netbook Price

This week, HP released the Compaq CQ627. The specs are notebook quality, but for only $379.99, the price is reminiscent of a netbook. Though there hasn't bee...

Playing iPad Games on Your TV

The video games on the iPad range from the totally ridiculous to the absolutely awesome. Regardless of your tastes, one thing that would be cool is to pl...

Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000 Announced

Given the fact that more and more of our communicating is done with a keyboard and that we write more than any other generation, it's no surprise that keyboards are the focus of many of our notebook reviews at We're always asking ourselves. Is it springy? How big is it? Does it feel "right"? Many times the answers to these questions are disappointing which is what Microsoft aims to address with its new Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 6000.

New Mogo Mouse for Netbook Users

mogo-netbook-mouse-onlyNewton Peripherals, the company best known for making mobile accessories that fit inside your computer, released a new mouse today for netbook users. The new MOGO MOUSEâ„¢ for Netbooks doesn't reinvent the wheel; instead it combines two popular MOGO products with a new case in order to make an attractive package for netbook owners. The netbook kit which contains the company's Mogo Presenter Mouse, Bluetooth adapter, case and charger is available today for $99.
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Motorola Pure H12 Bluetooth Headset (video)

Pure H12 MotoNatalie from Motorola shows off the Moto Pure H12 bluetooth headset with Crystal Talk at CES 2008. Crystal Talk is a noise-reduction technology that makes it easier to hear calls in a noisy environment. The Pure H12 won a CES 2008 Innovations Award.
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World’s Smallest Bluetooth Adapter

Newton Peripherals announced the worlds smallest Bluetooth adapter for notebooks at CES 2007. The MoGo Dapter fits in any USB port and does not protrude like m...