Sony VAIO Flip 11A 2-in-1 Announced for $799

The Sony Vaio Fit 11 A is a tablet and laptop hybrid which many readers will recognize as a 2-in-1 Windows 8.1 device that is capable of acting as a single device that works for play and work.

Sony is aiming for a companion device that can also take digital notes thanks to a built in pen that users can pair with Evernote, OneNote or the included Adobe Photoshop Elements suite. There are some more expensive tablet options that don’t offer a pen input, so this is a nice feature at the $799 price.

The Sony Vaio Flip 11a is a $800 2-in-1 with a digital pen.

The Sony Vaio Flip 11a is a $800 2-in-1 with a digital pen.

Sony offers the Vaio Flip 11a in black silver or pink, which should help out at this price point. The notebook and tablet in one doesn’t deliver the latest processor options, but a quad-core Pentium does pair up with a 128GB SSD. The 11-inch screen offers a full HD resolution with touch and Sony’s Triluminous technology.

This is a notebook first and a tablet second as the 2.82 pound weight is heavy for extended tablet usage. Users can flip the Vaio 11a between tablet and notebook modes with hinges that allow the device to swing both ways.

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