How to Make Internet Explorer Open Multiple Tabs At Launch

If you like to start your day by looking at more than one webpage, you can set up Internet Explorer to open several pages when you launch your browser. I use this tip to open Hotmail (email), Google News (news) and Facebook (social networking) each morning with one click.

Years ago, opening a single home page was the normal thing to do when you launch your browser, now things have changed a bit. In this article, we take a look at how to open multiple home pages in Internet Explorer.

Windows 7 Start Menu

Click Start, type: Internet Options

Internet Options

Hit Enter on your keyboard

Internet Explorer Options

Under General tab click in the Home page field and enter the URL for each website you would like to have opened when you launch your web browser. See example below:

Home page tabs in Internet Explorer

Click Apply and OK to confirm changes

Internet Explorer Multiple Tabs

When you launch the web browser, you will see multiple tabs automatically load your three favorite websites.