Verizon Live TV and VOD for FiOS Customers w/ iPad, Other Mobile Devices

Verizon announced plans to bring Verizon FiOS content to its subscribers in a whole new way. In early 2011, Verizon FiOS customers will be able to watch cable TV on their iPads. Additionally, Verizon unveiled a new platform for Video On Demand.

Verizon’s plans to bring FiOS content to iPads is still in the works, as the company is still trying to get approval from all of the content partners. Partners that have already approved the idea include Time Warner and CNN. Once the app is approved by all partners, Verizon FiOS subscribers will be able to stream live Cable TV content anywhere, right? Wrong. The fact is that you won’t be able to stream content over 3G, or even over any WiFi connection. In order for Verizon to be able to authenticate your FiOS subscription, the iPad can only use the app in the house where they receive TV service. Maybe there is more to this idea, as Verizon and Google have been reportedly working on a tablet of their own.

Verizon’s new platform will make it easier to share video on demand content across multiple devices. In other words, if you purchase a movie using your FiOS cable box, you can view that movie on up to five separate devices including smartphones and PCs. This new VOD platform will be released later this year for the Droid X, Droid 2, BlackBerry Storm, and Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphones.

Via LAPTOP Magazine

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