Best Buy’s Connect Service Will Soon Offer Clearwire 4G Service

Best Buy recently made a deal with 4G data service provider, Clearwire. With this deal, Best Buy will offer Clearwire’s 4G service through the company’s recently established service, Best Buy Connect.

Best Buy Connect, which was announced earlier this month, is the company’s own mobile broadband service. This service allows Best Buy customers to purchase laptops manufactured with integrated WWAN modems and a data plan, all in one place. Along with this new service, the company would offer heavy discounts on broadband connected laptops sold with a data contract.

Adding to the arsenal, this new deal with Clearwire will give Best Buy Connect customers 4G broadband in dozens of cities across the United States, with further expansion in the works.

“This agreement paves the way to providing one-stop shopping and support for mobile broadband as more people become more connected across all kinds of devices,” said Jed Stillman, vice president of Best Buy Connect, in a statement. “We believe consumers will appreciate the added advantage of relying on Best Buy Connect for both 3G and 4G mobile broadband services beginning next year.”

Best Buy’s 4G service is expected to launch sometime in 2011 on a tiered pricing scale. Currently, Best Buy Connect offers 3G data plans ranging from $30 to $60 per month. Via CNET News

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