Let Colorware Liven Up Your Mac Mini

Colorware recently added the new Apple Mac Mini to their assortment of customizable electronics. Available in 46 different colors, or a unique color of your choice, a Colorware Apple Mac Mini will set you back $250 for the paint job, alone.

Colorware has been adding custom paint jobs to the latest electronics for years now, everything from iPods and computers, to Televisions and Segways. It allows the customer to get that extra wow factor. Recently, Apple’s iPhone 4 was added to the list.

To send in your Mac Mini and have Colorware customize it costs $250. Colorware claims the computer will be shipped back roughly three weeks after they receive it. If you don’t have a Mac Mini yet, you can order one directly through Colorware. Just choose your model and color scheme and Colorware will ship you a brand new custom Mac Mini for $1000. Shipping takes about three weeks.

The Mac Mini starts at $699 at the Apple Store if you don’t need a custom color palette.

Via Colorware

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