Dell Precision M6500 Now Available with 32GB RAM

For users looking for the most system memory possible in a mobile workstation, take a look at the 17″ Dell Precision M6500 which can now be configured with 32GB of system memory. If you need a smaller form factor, the Dell Precision M4500 can be configured with 16GB of system memory.

The upgrade to 32GB of DDR3 1333MHz RAM isn’t cheap — it adds  $9,324 to the base 2GB option on the Dell Precision M6500 but its an investment that may be right for certain business users.

The new higher memory options are being touted by Dell as a great way to view and manage “massive amounts” of data remotely. One example of how business users will be able to make better use of technology through this upgrade is in the oil fields.

They can now review larger slices of the earth to find oil, enabling faster and more accurate drilling to find oil and gas reserves. They will also be able to run bigger models or run several realizations of same mid-size model at the same time. In addition, the portability of the M6500 enables them to easily carry the system with them between oil derricks and render data on site. – Dell Inside Enterprise IT Blog

The ability to configure a mobile workstation with 32GB of system memory is being touted by Dell as another of many industry firsts for its line of mobile workstations which recently were ranked as the top selling mobile workstation in the first quarter of 2010.

These notebooks are geared towards individuals who need large amounts of processing power and the ability to work in remote locations which is why such large amounts of system memory are often required. Additionally, Dell works with many software vendors to assure compatibility with popular software applications for ease of use.

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