The 31 Essential Android Tips

If you are a new Android owner the user interface and multiple options can be confusing, especially if you are coming from the iPhone to an Android Device. The customizability and openness of the Android operating system can lead to confusion and the need for help to figure out how to change notification settings such as text vibrate, figuring out how to navigate around the email and keeping your battery life respectable. If you are new, Laptop Magazine has a list of the 31 essential Android tips that will get you familiarized with your new Android powered phone or tablet.

Laptop Magazine’s Android tips span 9 categories and offer a great primer to getting around the Android operating system. Some of the most useful tips are listed below.

  • One Touch dialing
  • Instant Tunes
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Unify Your Inbox
  • Sync favorite destinations
  • Back it Up
  • Battery Life tips
  • Tips for HTC Sense and MotoBlur Phones

The Android operating system offers an incredible amount of flexibility, but as I found out when my sister recently purchased a Droid Incredible, it can be a tricky place to find specific settings since certain settings for the system are tucked into the settings of a program rather than the phone’s overall settings. For example, if you want to make your phone vibrate all the time when you get a text message this is not available where you choose your ringtones, but only from the settings inside the Messaging app.

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