Power Outlets Coming to Coach on More Flights

PCMag.com reports that soon more flights will offer power connections in the coach section of several airlines including Continental and American Airlines.

The addition of power outlets is a move by the airlines to meet the demands of travelers who are increasingly taking notebooks, netbooks and other entertainment devices with them on flights. One hope is that by adding power outlets flyers will be more likely to use in-air WiFi which hasn’t taken off like airlines had hoped.

When the renovations are complete all of Contental’s coach seats will have power ports. American Airlines is also adding power outlets to all seats and WiFi equipment to the older 737 aircraft the company flies. By doing so, these carriers will be closer to offering the level of service that Virgin America has been offering flyers for some time now.

Will being able to charge your notebook on your next flight make you more likely to use in-air WiFi?