Google Apps Users Getting Full Google Services


I have Google Apps for My Domain set up on my personal domain and we use it here at One of my own frustrations is that things like Google Voice and Reader are not accessible in my regular personal Google account for my domain. It must be even more upsetting if you are a paying Google Apps (G.Apps) customer. Why do paying customers get less than free loaders?

If the rumor is true, that will change soon. This has been rumored for a while, but Lifehacker claims to have a credible source saying that all of the Google products will be coming to G.Apps users soon.

One problem is that some people have signed up for a Google account using their domain address. This could cause some conflict, but the Lifehacker article said that Google will try to fix this with a change to your email address making it [email protected] instead of just [email protected].

I wouldn’t be that excited about that solution, but as they say Google is very liberal about letting you get your data out of their services. With a little bit of work you could move all your email, other personal documents and information from one account to the new version of G.Apps. Still, this may cause a problem for people who have Google Voice numbers. Unless Google has already planned for this issue.

Below is a graphic of the way things will look after the change. Click it to go to the official help page on Google that includes the info. If that fails, Lifehacker has a PDF of the page here.


While you are waiting, you can enjoy some new goodies in regular Google accounts. The Google Blog has some information about improvements to their services. They include:

  • More people with access to Google Voice
  • More documents are viewable in the Gmail when receiving them as attachments including PDF, PPT, DOC and DOCX files
  • Google Docs has Optical Character Recognition
  • Administer two or more Google Apps for My Domain accounts in one place
  • And they are bragging about more high profile customers

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