iOS 4 Optimized Apps

With Apple’s release of iOS 4 and the iPhone 4, new apps are now available on the App Store that take advantage of the new features found in the updates. Most of the new or updated iPhone apps take advantage of multitasking, allowing apps to run in the background, and fast app switching, which allows you to open up an app without reloading it.

Here are a few of the most popular, free iOS 4 optimized apps.

  • Twitter – Twitter’s official App has added ability to run in the background, and use fast app switching.
  • Pandora – The popular music streaming website can now run in the background. Also, quick music controls are now integrated with Pandora.
  • Fandango – This app allows you to browse through local movie listings, watch trailers, and even purchase tickets right on your iPhone. Fandango now supports fast app switching.
  • LinkedIn –  The professional social networking app now includes fast app switching.
  • Evernote – This app allows you to take notes, pictures, and voice memos and view them on the iPhone, computer, or web. It now includes fast app switching.
  • Tap Tap Revenge 3 – The popular music-based game now takes advantage of multitasking.
  • Dropbox – Used to sync files, this app can now perform syncing in the background and utilizes fast app switching.

For a complete list of iOS 4 optimized apps, use this Google search.

Via Engadget

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