Memeo Connect 2.0 Serves as ‘GDrive,’ Syncs Docs Between Google Docs and Computers

A beta version of Memeo Connect 2.0 is now available. Connect 2.0 enables users to create, update, and store documents both locally and in the cloud using Google Docs.

The first version of Memeo Connect, currently available for $39 a year per user for non-Google Apps Premier account holders, enables users to sync documents between Google Docs and their computers. It also provides access while offline. Saving documents to Memeo on one computer updates the version stored in the cloud and across all of the computers that the software is installed on, and in Google Docs.

Memeo Connect 2.0 adds the ability to integrate with the computer’s file system. When the software is installed, a GDrive appears on the computer, allowing seamless interaction with drag-and-drop functionality. Also, you can save files directly to the GDrive from applications.

With all of this functionality, Memeo Connect 2.0 seems like an easy solution and better alternative than hardwire networking for a small business. If you have a Google Apps Premier account, the first version of Connect is available for $9 a year per user. Having the ability to sync documents in the cloud and among all of the computers would be a useful asset to a company, without the need for a dedicated IT professional to manage it. With Connect 2.0 adding the GDrive feature, updating files gets even simpler.

Order your copy of Memeo Connect for you or your business today. There is currently no word on a date when Version 2.0 will be out of the testing phase and available for public use. However, you can still download the beta version by clicking “Download Connect 2.0 Beta”. Connect and Connect 2.0 Beta are both available on the Memeo Connect website.

Via VentureBeat, and Memeo Connect

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