Is New iPhone Announcement Coming June 7th?

WWDC is the World Wide Developer’s Conference put on by Apple each year.

You may say, “Who cares? I’m not a developer!” Well, neither am I. But, if this year’s conference follows the pattern, it will likely be the place Apple announces the new iPhone and possibly new features for an update to OSX. You may still not care, but much of the tech world will, especially with the recent lunacy over the “lost” iPhone story. Another hope might be an announcement about when we can expect iPhone OS 4 to come to the iPad, but since that is not supposed to happen till fall, a specific date is less likely.

The conference will be held in San Francisco from June 7-11 at the Moscone Center. And ,for only $1,599 , you too can attend and hear all about the new iPhone, maybe.

If by chance you do really care about the developer part of the conference, you can read all about it on Apple’s web site.

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