Sony VAIO S Series Reviewed

sony vaio s You might be wondering why you can’t find anything about the Sony VAIO S series on Sony’s official site. Well, interestingly enough, the S series is a Best Buy ‘Blue Label’ exclusive. Best Buy has partnered up with a few computer makers to bring exclusive offers to their customers.

Laptop Mag has picked up the Sony VAIO S series and put the $1049 laptop through the usual paces. They found the S series to have better performance than most notebooks in the same category. Though, unsurprisingly, that increased performance led to lower battery life than some of the other Blue Label laptops. In the end, it sounds like the S series’ integrated wireless display technology is functional, but somewhat novel, as it only currently supports resolutions up to 720p, and does not support games. Laptop Mag recommends one of the other Blue Label laptops (the Toshiba E205) as a better alternative, featuring the same wireless display technology, better battery life, and slightly better performance, all at a lower price than the VAIO S series. Be sure to head over to Laptop Mag’s full review, they have a lot of additional detail if you are interested in this notebook.

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