ULV chips from Intel coming soon

Intel-Core-i3-Core-i5Intel rolled out its new lineup of Core processors (the i3, i5, and i7) at CES 2010.  Already, these processors are showing up in laptops, netbooks and desktops.  Its a wonder where they will show up next .  These chips are impressive because they incorporate CPU as well as graphic functions into one chip.  This helps with functionality as well as battery consumption.

Intel is looking to add to their already impressive Intel Core line of processors by adding some ULV (ultra low voltage) processors to the mix.  The Core i5-520UM and the Core i7-640UM use less power than the standard Core i5 and i7.    These new ULV processors are slated to appear sometime early this month.

What will this mean to the consumer?  It will be improved battery life and low power consumption.  It will also mean there will be deals to have on any system with the older Intel chipsets.

Thanks to Liliputing and CNet for the heads up on Intel.

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