How to change keys on a keyboard

For some reason computer manufacturers are still putting keys in odd locations that either don’t make sense or are just different from what we are used to. As someone who uses a lot of keyboards, a consistent experience is important for staying productive no matter what machine I am using.

Thankfully you can use SharpKeys to change almost any key assignment in Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.


SharpKeys is a quick installation and with it you can remap 104 keys including most function keys. The program works by writing a change to your registry to make one key work like another.

Popular changes include mapping the Caps Lock key to do nothing or to be a shift key or swapping the Delete and End keys for easier use; like I did on the Lenovo Edge notebook I’m currently evaluating.

It can even detect and swap the Function and Control keys that are swapped on many different notebook models.

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