Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX Performs on Glass! (video demo)

The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX is the mouse you want to buy if you want to make computing easier on a glass table or desk. I got to try out Logitech’s latest mouse and recorded a short demo of a Logitech product expert to show how it works.

Typical wireless mice don’t work on glass surfaces because their sensors can’t “see” enough light bouncing back.

Logitech’s explanation of how the Anywhere Mouse MX operates is pretty interesting:

To track on glass (that’s at least 4 mm thick), Logitech Darkfield uses dark field microscopy to detect microscopic particles and micro-scratches on these surfaces, rather than tracking the surface itself. Similar to the way in which our eye sees the clear night sky, the mouse’s sensor sees the clean areas of glass as a dark background with bright dots the dust. Then, the sensor interprets the movement of these dots to track exactly where you’ve moved the mouse.

One thing that I really like about Logitech’s newer mice is they come with a tiny USB adapter that doubles as a receiver for an external keyboard. The Logitech unifying receiver allows you to connect two wireless accessories, but use only one USB port. This is especially important for users with netbooks or thin-and-light notebooks that have few ports.

Over time I hope that Logitech makes the advanced glass tracking standard equipment on all of its mice.

The Logitech Anywhere Mouse MX will be available in the U.S. and Europe beginning in August. It has an MSRP of $79.99, but we expect to see it cheaper online at retailers like Newegg and Amazon.

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