Winners of Seagate Valentines Giveaway Announced

seagate_valentines_drivesThanks to everyone who participated in our Seagate giveaway. We received some great entries, including a sweet poem or two. Rachna won here at, Sally won over at GottaBeMobile and ‘netgeek’ won at Gearlive.

Rachna left the following poem in our comments, which laments lost love and lost data. It was very creative and probably as romantic a poem as you could possible write about a hard drive:

Oh, what a tragedy! Oh, how sad!

Not that he dumped me, but that my data’s gone bad!

He may not have liked the way that I dressed;

He may have been putting my heart to the test;

But men like him have come and gone,

While my pictures and music have carried on.

I’ve lost data and I’ve lost men,

And trust me, I can never lose data again!

For if my data is secure, I cannot go wrong,

No matter how many men try to string me along.

So he may have dumped me on Valentine’s day,

And yes, it may sound like a boring cliche,

But now I’m a Free Agent, and with my drive, that makes two

So Seagate, I’ve found a love that will last through and through…

Congrats to all of the winners and stay tuned for our next giveaway.Thanks to Seagate for providing the awesome prizes and reminding all of us to back up regularly.

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