Black Friday:’s Cashback offers 40% off the Entire HP Store is offering 40% cash back on the entire HP online store on Black Friday. To take advantage of this program you’ll have to pay full price for your HP gear and wait for’s cash back program to work its magic and send you your money. is Microsoft’s search engine.

To sign up, visit Starting at 7am Pacific on Black Friday you can search for “HP” at and you’ll see the text-ads that offer 40% off the HP Store. The ridiculously good thing about this promo is that you still get all of HP’s current discounts offered within the store such as free memory upgrades and instant discounts. These incentives mean you can save up to $569 on select notebooks PLUS get the 40% cash back. Now that’s a Black Friday deal!

The Black Friday special offer is only good for 12 hours starting at 7am Pacific Time.

The reason I’m so excited by this deal is that it’s good on the entire HP catalog, not just on entry-level and mainstream notebooks like a lot of other Black Friday retailers. This HP and promotion can save you tons of cash on printers, monitors, desktops and even those over-priced ink cartridges.

There are only two limitations to the HP/ Black Friday discounts. has a cap of $2,500 in rebates per person per calendar year. This shouldn’t be a problem for most buyers since you’d have to spend $6,250 to reach that limit with this promo. The other limitation is that you can’t stack a coupon on top of this deal that you’ve found on or elsewhere.

I suggest you check out the HP outlet section if you want to save some even more money by going with a previous-generation product or something that’s refurbished.

I’ve already signed up for cashback and am going to buy a HP w2558hc 25-inch display that’s normally $599.99. A $50 instant discount plus the 40% rebate will drop my cost down to $329.99.

Another item I’ve been waiting to buy is the HP Windows Home Server, which will help me centralize my backups and media libraries. I’m going to buy the HP MediaSmart Server EX475, which includes two 500GB drives and normally costs $649.99. HP is offering a $100 instant rebate right now and the 40% cash back will drop my cost down to $329.40.

This deal will have the most impact for those of you who want to buy high-end notebooks such as the new HP HDX series notebooks or a Touchsmart.

Be sure to thoroughly read’s terms and conditions to make sure you qualify for the discounts and so that you understand how you’ll be paid. I’m not a big fan of rebates (and this technically is one), but I’m willing to deal with this hassle for 40% off.

Visit to take advantage of this offer.

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