AMD Intros Puma, Better Graphics for the Masses (video)

AMD officially announced the availability of its latest mobile platform, which promises improved graphics performance in both mainstream and high-end notebooks.

AMD is combining AMD Turion X2 Ultra dual core processors with ATI Radeon HD3000 series graphics for dramatically improved 3D performance and high-definition video playback. High definition content is becoming more prevalent, but many notebooks can’t play it back smoothly.

I sat down with Bahr Mahoney, director of AMD’s mobile division, to talk about the new platform and how the average consumer will benefit from the new platform. Bahr said the improved graphics performance is a “quantum leap” compared to current solutions.

Notebooks featuring AMD’s latest technology will be available later this month from several manufacturers, including Fujitsu and HP.

I’m heading over to an AMD event later today to check out some Puma-equipped notebooks myself and to record some demos.

To hear more from Bahr Mahony, check out the following video I shot last week: