How To: Get 3G HSDPA Card into an Asus Eee PC

3G Asus Eee PC3G wireless cards are typically the domain of high-priced business notebooks, but one blogger’s managed to jam a HSDPA modem into the uber-affordable Asus Eee PC.

JK started with a USB modem, stripped it of its case and modified the board. He had to trim his notebook’s case to make the modem fit neatly inside. After a bit of soldering and tweaking, he called his installation ‘perfect.’

In a speed-test, JK shows his setup getting 1432 kbps download and 354kbps upload speeds.

JK used a ZZadaCOM 3G+ HSDPA, which at 260 euros is about the same price as an ASUS Eee PC 4G.

If you want to try this yourself, check out his site and watch the above video. This is an advanced project for advanced users, but it is the cheapest laptop/internal 3G combo I’ve ever seen. With this hack, you can get Internet access anywhere in the world that has 3G coverage.

via JK

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